About Us


Why the name Argyle Locksmiths Goulburn?

For me as a child growing up in Goulburn in the 1980’s, Argyle was synonymous with Goulburn as the Argyle Mall was the hub of the town. However, Argyle is also the original county name of which Goulburn was the heart, and that county area now makes up much of the area I service.

I have been a Locksmith for 20 years in the largest locksmith business in Canberra. Over the course of my 20 years working in the Locksmith and Security Industry I have honed my skills in all areas of Locksmithing including:

  • General lock service and repair,
  • Installation, servicing and repair of domestic and commercial locking systems,
  • Automotive repair and servicing,
  • Production of electronic transponder keys,
  • Designing, building, installing and maintaining high security restricted master key systems for many commercial entities and government departments,
  • Safe service, repair and opening,
  • Repair, preservation and restoration of antique domestic locks, automotive locks and safes, and
  • Providing an emergency afterhours locksmith service.

Due to my upbringing around vintage and historic cars, my locksmithing special interests revolve around two main areas:

  • The preservation and restoration of antique and historic locks and locking systems, and
  • Automotive locksmithing.


I enjoy the feeling of saving an antique lock from the scrap bin or repairing or fitting keys to a lock to fully complete the restoration of a piece of furniture, safe or car.

I also like working on cars, not only as a pastime but also as a locksmith. This has served me well throughout my career, as the automotive market has pushed towards ever more complicated and secure locking systems.

Feel free to check out my Instagram or Facebook page for photos of my work.

Qualifications and Certifications

  • Certificate III in Mechanical Engineering (Locksmithing)
  • ACT Security Licence
  • NSW Security Licence
  • SCEC Approved Locksmith card number L0348
  • Government Security Clearance
  • Member of the Master Locksmiths Association
  • Member of the Goulburn Chamber of Commerce
  • Construction White Card
  • Asbestos Awareness Card
  • Working with Children Check